Battery Platforms

Advantages of Battery Platforms?

It's convinient

When all tools can be operated by the same battery (and charger), it is very easy to switch between tasks, knowing that you can just swap the battery from one too to the next. Additionally, using machines powered by the same battery makes it easier to pick the right tool and battery for your job and prevents cluster.

Enviromental friendly

Choosing a battery platform over individual battery powered products is a huge release on the environment. It enables the battery being used to its' maximal potential and reduces the material waste.

Cost efficient

Using one battery for all your power tools does not only go easy on the environment but your wallet as well. When purchasing a new power tool the battery and charger are cost often the same as the tool body itself.
With a battery platform, you therefore save 50% after the initial purchase of your tool.

How to pick a Battery platform

What does the voltage mean?

Battery voltage in cordless can be understood like this: the simpler the operation, the smaller the necessary energy supply (Voltage).
You can make the best decisions by understanding how battery voltage affects cordless tool performance. Tools with greater voltages may function more efficiently when used for demanding tasks, although they are typically a little more expensive. A hammer drill is a good example of a tool that benefits from a higher voltage.

You may notice cordless hammer drills with lower voltages available. Those usually are build with a smaller and less energy consuming motor.

Even though a lower voltage means less overall power, it also means a less heavy battery pack. Most home renovation tasks for example don't require a high voltage machine and are more comfortable to do with a lighter machine.

What to consider? 

When picking the right Voltage for your needs, it is important to consider the following points: 

How often do you use your tools?
If you use your tools just occasionally to do the essential tasks around the house, it might be better to chose the more cost efficient 12V battery platform.

Do you want to use gardening tools?
If you also want to use gardening tools like a hedge trimmer, grastrimmer or lawn mower, then you should choose the Maxxpack 18V Battery platform.

Are you working professional? 
If you work in a professional area, there is no question that you should choose the Maxxpack 18V Platform. Some of the Maxxpack products are part of Batavia's Elite serie, specially developed for professional craftsman and heavy duty work.

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