Car escape tool

The risk of a car accident and crashing into water is a serious threat, weather circumstances, missing crash barriers along bodies of water, or just simple car accidents cause numerous drownings per year. When you’re in your car, submerged under water, the standard escape hammers don’t work. On top of that, most common tools are used incorrectly or can’t be found in moments of panic. The new Maxxsafe®️ provides a significant solution so you can drive around safely.

10.000 cars every year

The amount of car accidents with submerged vehicles.

99% of cars sink forward

Due to the engine in the front.

1 in 5 resulted in  fatalities

Around 1 in 5 of these events resulted in multiple fatalities with between 2 and 5 victims

30% need professional help to escape

Only 70% of the cars which crash into the water manage to escape on their own.

Experience the feeling

Check out the videos

Only 30 seconds from the moment of impact until the doors can't be opened anymore.
After just 30 - 60 seconds, the car is fully submerged and starts filling with water.

100% Functional
under water

Water resistance has NO influence on the impact force unlike with normal lifehammers, which cannot be operated reliable underwater

Easy to locate

LED Prisma warning and blinking light in case of water contact. Easily locate the exit even when your view is limited or you are light headed from the crash impact.


Fixed to the rear window, enabling simple usage in emergency situations.
Front engine cars (99% of all cars) ending up in the water sink forward with
the back seat or trunk being the last place with air / an escape route.

3M®️ Sticker

Thanks to the high quality 3M sticker, the Maxxsafe is easy to install and stays in place securely.

Get a feeling for it!

Check out the below videos and imagine the situation in your car without a camera team nor a safety diver, right after the impact of a crash.

MythBusters | Can Adam Escape a Sinking Car?  

Watch the MythBusters try to escape a sinking car.

MythBusters | Flipped Car Impossible Escape

Is it true that it's nearly impossible to escape once the car turned tutle?

TopGear| Underwater Car (Part 01)

Watch Richard Hammond in a submerged car.

TopGear| Underwater Car (Part 02)

Watch Richard Hammond in a submerged car.

You Are 13.000 Times More Likely
to end up in a submerged car than winning the lottery

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