Hygienic wall dispenser

This stylish wall dispenser is the perfect solution for keeping your customers and family safe while also maintaining a nice appearance for your entrance.

The G-Light is an actual hands-free hygienic gel dispenser
It is an aesthetic gel dispenser, which can be adjusted, so it fits in every environment
The G-Light has a motion guided LED light sensor
It automatically dispenses a hygienic product, when you put your hand under it.
With a secured wall lock

Equiped with an atmoSpheric light

The atmospheric light of the G-Light shines bright when the sensor detects movement. This reminds people to sanitize their hands when entering or leaving a building, house, hall, corridor, lobby, or toilet. This encourages other people from the group to sanitize their hands as well. The brightening up of the light triggers the sense of validation in the human brain. Moreover, thanks to this light, the G-Light is even visible, when someone passes the dispenser in the middle of the night.

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Visiting locations requires attention for hygienic behavior of the community. The new G-Light will give a call to action to visitors nearby this unique gel dispenser. Through its built-in sensor, the light will shine bright and becomes a beacon to sanitize your hands as the user approaches. The G-Light combines the role of 3 individual products: a soft light outside or inside a building, house, lobby, hall, corridor or toilet, a sensor guided dispenser to invite and remind visitors or others to use it, and an actual hands-free dispenser for sanitizing gel, soap, and other hygienic products.

Technical Specification

Door Handle Germs

How quickly germs can spread through touching a door handle.

How Viruses Spread

See how quickly viruses can spread.

Handsanatizer reduces abseneeism in schools

The use of an alcohol-based hand sanitizer in U.S. classrooms reduced absenteeism due to infection by about 20% overall among 16 elementary schools and 6,000 students.

Average Hotel Elevator Button Has 737x More Germs Than Toilet Seat

The average hotel elevator button has 1,477 times more germs than a household bathroom door handle and 737 times more germs than a household toilet seat.

16-21% Reduced sickness risk

Hand hygiene can reduce the risk of respiratory illnesses, like colds, in the general population by 16–21%

Reduction of foodborne diseases

A large percentage of foodborne disease outbreaks are spread by contaminated hands. Handwashing can reduce the risk of foodborne illness and other infections.

Cable or Battery

You can power the G-Light by using a power cable as well as using 4 batteries. This way you can use the G-Light on places without a main power supply and saves you the effort of creating a main power supply near the G-Light.

Easy refill

It's easy to refill the G-Light wall light dispenser with the top lit. The lit can be locked with a key. The tank has a capacity of 550 milliters.

Working voltage:
5V / 6V
Working Current:
1 A
Power supply:
DC 5V adapter (not included)
4 pcs. battery C LR14 1.5V akaline cell (not included)
5 W
Protection class:
Tank capacity:
550 ml
Metal belt clip:
Liquid quanity per pump:
0.5 ml
Battery life:
36 to 40 days based on 100 uses per day
Body sensing distance:
2.5 m
Product dimensions (L × W × H):
130 × 100 × 350 mm
HS Code:
8467 2110
Dimensions unit packaging(L × W × H):
26.3 × 21.1 × 7 cm
Gross weight unit packaging:
Quantity / Export carton:
Dimensions export carton (L × W × H):
Gross weight export carton:
Quantity / Pallet:
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