Twin Drill


This handy 2-in-1 drill and driver, is the perfect solution for quick and clean drilling and driving tasks.

From drilling to driving in one simple and smooth move
Perfect for jobs that require pre-drilling
Automatic speed adjustment when switching modes
The perfect tool for building your wooden fence or hanging a painting
10mm keyless chuck

From Drilling

For many wood types it is important to first drill so called 'pilot holes' before inserting the screw in order to prevent cracks in the wood.

1/4“ (6.35 mm) hex bits

to driving

After pre-drilling the wood, you can safely insert the screw into your 'pilot hole' without risking ugly cracks in your work piece.

Cracked wood caused by not pre-drilling.

Why pre-drilling?

When you drive a screw into a piece of wood, you are displacing some of the wood’s fibers to make room for the screw. Sometimes, this is not a problem. Other times, the end of the board cracks to relieve the pressure. By displacing an amount of wood before driving the screw, pilot holes practically eliminate this problem.

How to pre-drill pilot holes?

When it comes to drilling wood, there are no second chances. If you drill a hole wrong, the wood may split and you won't be able to simply close it again. If you are going to use screws, first drill a diameter slightly smaller than the screw's internal diameter for this.
For example, if you have 3.5-millimeter screws, pre-drill with a 3-millimeter drill bit. The chart on the right can be used as a guide.

Part of Maxxpack COLLECTION

30+ Powertools, one battery

The Twin Drill is part of the 18V Maxxpack collection. With the Maxxpack collection, you can use more than 30 different powertools, with only one battery and charger. The Maxxpack collection is the powerful 18V battery platform of Batavia.


The Twin Drill, is the perfect tool for everybody who switches frequently between drilling and driving during a job. Thanks to the two chucks, you can easily switch between drilling and driving, with one smooth move. The Twin Drill has one drilling chuck and one driving chuck. Just turn the chuck, while pressing a button. You can even do this with one hand. When the chuck clicks, it is in the right place. If it is not in the right place, both chucks will not work. This is a built-in safety feature. The Twin Drill also has a precise electronic torque control. It even has two variable options, which suits the most common drilling and driving jobs!

From drilling to driving in one simple move
Perfect for jobs that require pre-drilling
Automatic speed adjustment when switching modes
Electronic torque control
Battery voltage:
18 V Li-Ion
No load speed:
0 – 450 / 0 – 1.500 min-1
Torque settings:
Max. torque:
26 Nm
10 mm Keyless
Metal belt clip:
LED work light:
Product weight without accessories:
1.2 kg
Product dimensions (L × W × H):
23.5 × 20.5 × 5.5 cm
HS Code:
8467 2110
Dimensions unit packaging(L × W × H):
26.3 × 21.1 × 7 cm
Gross weight unit packaging:
Quantity / Export carton:
Dimensions export carton (L × W × H):
Gross weight export carton:
Quantity / Pallet:
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