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Engineered for those who demand the best, our Ultra range is powered by an impressive 18V system, ensuring robust and enduring performance. With brushless technology at its core, you can expect unparalleled efficiency, longevity, and power. Dive into the future of craftsmanship with the Ultra series.

Pure power for

Elevate your craftsmanship with Batavia's premier selection - the Ultra Series. A symbol of professional prowess, this power tool boasts a powerful 18V system, ensuring maximum performance with every use.
Compact design and maintenance free
Made for strong
Approved for professional use

PRofessional Performance

Maintenance-free, powerful and efficient: Ultra Bruhless motors from Batavia offer significant advantages over conventional carbon brush motors that speak for themselves.
More Power
Longer Runtime
Longer Lifetime
Higher Performance


Several Maxxpack Ultra tools are equipped with brushless motors. Made more of steel & copper instead of wearable carbon brushes, brushless motors generate less heat and frication and therefore run cooler and more efficiently.

Maximum performance

A higher level of performance due to microprocessor-controlled power management Greater speed and torque are possible with our  Ultra Brushless motors than with traditional electric motors.

Minimum Friction - Maximum Power

Perfect even for big projects: Our brushless machines can operate longer at high power without overheating thanks to minimal heat generation.

No Maintanance - Long Lifespan

The carbon brushes on brushless motors are not vulnerable to mechanical abrasion-related carbon brush wear. The motor's operational life is significantly greater than that of traditional carbon brush motors.

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