Cordless Pressure Sprayer | 18V Maxxpack collection | Batavia

Ultimate cleaning ally

Discover the Batavia 18V Pressure Cleaner: Unleash the power of your ultimate cleaning ally! Explore the adaptability of the Batavia 18V Pressure Cleaner, expertly crafted to effortlessly handle a diverse array of cleaning challenges. Whether it's bicycles, automobiles, outdoor furniture, RVs, or grills, this potent cleaner stands as your top-tier solution for effective and versatile cleaning. Elevate your cleaning experience with the Batavia 18V Pressure Cleaner.

Effortlessly eliminate stubborn mud

The Batavia 18V Pressure Cleaner with its 22-bar capability, provides the perfect cleaning force to effortlessly eliminate stubborn mud from your bike. Say goodbye to concerns about paint damage often associated with high-pressure cleaners. This versatile cleaner comes equipped with 5 spray settings, addressing a range of cleaning requirements. Easily adjust the intensity to suit the task at hand, whether it's tackling tough stains or delicately watering your garden. Customize the settings for optimal results, ensuring a seamless cleaning experience.

Cordless Pressure Cleaner | Batavia | 18V Maxxpack Collection
Cordless Pressure Sprayer | 18V Maxxpack collection | Batavia

Unparalleled portability

Experience unparalleled portability with the Batavia 18V Pressure Cleaner, liberating you from reliance on a traditional power source or fixed water connection. Easily link it to a water hose or submerge it in a water source, like a jerrycan or nearby lake, for hassle-free cleaning wherever you need it. Boosting your convenience, this pressure cleaner includes a soap dispenser, taking your cleaning routine to new heights. Attain dazzling results effortlessly, courtesy of this enhanced feature. Explore the freedom of cleaning with Batavia's 18V Pressure Cleaner for unmatched versatility and outstanding results.

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