Polishing Pads Set

Twin Brush Accessory
Complete polishing set including a flat foam pad, waffle foam pad, and wool pad
The flat foam polishing pad is ideal for flat surfaces, goes deeper than a waffle foam pad and creates a better shine
This waffle foam pad is perfect for uneven surfaces and offers reduced heat build-up
Wool pads are the perfect choice for effortlessly removing any residual wax or polish from the surface
Suitable for most common wax and polishing agents

This polishing set includes a flat foam pad, a waffle foam pad, and a wool pad – all suitable for use with wax and polishing agents. The flat foam pad will help you achieve a brilliant shine on flat surfaces, and can reach deeper than the waffle pad, which is better for uneven surfaces and generates less heat. Lastly, the wool pads are the best option for getting rid of any remaining wax or polish from the surface.

Twin Brush
Experience a revolutionary new way of cleaning with the Batavia Twin Brush! This powerful 18V scrubber is the perfect solution for cleaning terraces, pavements, houses, campers, boats, and more with ease. Its patented 2-in-1 counter rotating brushes give you the power to clean faster, easier, and better than ever before. You can even choose between a fixed or moveable brush head, with an angle of -15° to 90°. Click here to find out more!

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  • EAN: 4050255053494
  • HS code: 8467 9900
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