Car Window Breaker
Easy to install, identify and use
Works underwater
Including seat belt cutter
Emergency LED for spotting underwater
Up to 8mm glass

Every year, thousands of cars crash into the water. Front engine cars (99% of all cars) sink forward. This way the back seat or the trunk is the last place with air and an escape route. 70% of the people who crash their car in the water manage to escape on their own. 30% needs professional help to get out of their car or in the worst case they drown. With the Maxxsafe, Batavia invented a new life-saving product. The Maxxsafe is an easy to install fixed emergency hammer for the rear window, which even works underwater, unlike other emergency escape tools. When the Maxxsafe hits the water, a light starts to flash. This way you can always find the Maxxsafe, even when it is dark. It is also very easy to use and can be operated by everybody in the car. Just turn the Maxxsafe clockwise to fire the pin and escape.

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