12V Hammer Drill | Batavia | Fixxpack Collection

Perfect for effortlessly drilling through tough surfaces

Discover the Batavia 12V Hammer Drill – your ultimate solution for effortlessly drilling through challenging surfaces like stone, concrete, brick, and masonry. This versatile tool serves a dual purpose with its screw driving/drilling and hammer drilling functions. The standard drill/drive mode makes it perfect for everyday tasks, while the hammer drill mode excels in tackling sturdy materials like concrete and masonry.

Powered by a 12V motor

Discover excellent performance with the Batavia 12V Hammer Drill, powered by a 12V motor. The 12V motor produces an impact rate of up to 6,000 per minute and a force of 0.6 joules. This drill boasts a concrete drilling capacity of 10 millimeters and is equipped with an SDS chuck for seamless bit changes, guaranteeing enhanced efficiency during hammer drilling tasks. Plus, enjoy enhanced usability with its built-in LED work light, ensuring precise work under any lighting conditions.

12V Hammer Drill | Batavia | Fixxpack Collection
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