4 Grill | 4-in-1 Oil Barrel Barbecue | Batavia

Your Ultimate 4-in-1 BBQ Experience

Discover the Batavia 4Grill: Elevate Your BBQ Game with the Ultimate 4-in-1 Experience. Unleash unparalleled barbecue versatility with the Batavia 4Grill, a robust and premium 4-in-1 grill boasting a stylish oil barrel design. Whether you crave classic grilling, slow cooking, smoking, or relishing the warmth of a charming fireplace, this versatile grill is your all-in-one solution for an exceptional outdoor cooking adventure.

Housed in a Oil Barrel Design

Experience the convenience of the compact and portable Batavia 4Grill, your ideal partner for garden gatherings, camping adventures, and beach escapades. This versatile grill is designed for ease of use, featuring three interlocking barrel segments that allow you to effortlessly adjust its height to suit your preferences. Take command of the cooking process with the user-friendly lid control, ensuring precise temperature management for consistently perfect results. The Batavia 4Grill comes complete with a suite of essential accessories, including a chrome-plated grill rack, a cross with meat hooks, a coal dish, a heat shield, a water tray, a fire cylinder, sturdy handles, and a lid with a built-in thermometer.

4 Grill | 4-in-1 Oil Barrel Barbecue | Batavia
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