400W Jigsaw | Fixxseries | Batavia

Create intricate patterns and angles

Meet the Fixxseries 400W Jigsaw, an ideal tool for precise cutting in wood, plastic, and metal. Its compact and lightweight construction ensures user-friendly operation. The 400-watt motor empowers you to craft intricate patterns and angles across a range of materials. Explore cutting possibilities with the adjustable bevel range, spanning from -45° to 45°.

Vacuum cleaner connection

The Fixxseries 400W Jigsaw features a blowing and suction system for a pristine operation. Experience freedom of movement facilitated by the ample 2-meter cable, providing flexibility for your creative pursuits. This package includes two saw blades, one designed for metal and the other for wood, allowing you to seamlessly embark on your projects without delay.

400W Jigsaw | Fixxseries | Batavia
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