300W Multitool with Anti-Vibration System | Maxxseries | Batavia

Say goodbye to discomfort

Meet the Batavia 300W Multitool featuring a unique Anti-Vibration System, designed to revolutionize your household projects. Explore the versatility of this exceptional tool, engineered to tackle various tasks with ease. Say goodbye to discomfort with its cutting-edge anti-vibration technology, ensuring minimal tremors and maximum comfort. Discover the ultimate companion for all your home improvement endeavors.

Anti-Vibration System

Meet the Multitool equipped with an innovative Anti-Vibration System (A.V.S) for a superior experience. This cutting-edge feature ensures reduced vibration, providing unparalleled comfort during prolonged usage. Say goodbye to the discomfort of traditional Cordless Multitools that cause constant hand shaking, making your DIY projects an unpleasant task over time.

300W Multitool with Anti-Vibration System | Maxxseries | Batavia
300W Multitool with Anti-Vibration System | Maxxseries | Batavia

Powerful 300W motor

The Batavia 300W Multitool features a robust 300W motor capable of achieving speeds of up to 22,000 rpm. Ideal for sanding, sawing, plunge cutting, polishing, and beyond across a range of materials, this AVS Multitool empowers you to effortlessly tackle tasks such as removing linoleum floors, carpets, glue residue, and grouting. Its Anti-Vibration System ensures smooth operation, while seamless accessory changes enable swift adaptation to various tasks. Plus, with the integrated LED work light, enjoy enhanced visibility for precise operation. Unlock boundless potential with the Batavia 300W Multitool!

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