1500W Rotary Hammer | For drilling in stone, concrete, masonry, and more! | Maxxseries | Batavia

Perfect for demanding applications

Discover the Batavia 1500W Rotary Hammer, your ultimate companion for tackling challenging drilling tasks on surfaces like concrete, brick, and masonry. With its robust 1500W motor, this Rotary Hammer generates an impactful force of up to 6 Joules and an impressive impact rate of 4000/min. Versatility is at your fingertips with its variable speed trigger, ranging from 300 to 800 rpm, enabling you to customize the speed according to the unique demands of your drilling or chiseling project.

Secondary handle for enhanced control

For enhanced control and comfort, the Batavia 1500W Rotary Hammer comes with a second handle that can rotate 360° around the tool, along with a depth indicator. The generous 2-meter cable provides flexibility and freedom of movement for your projects. The Batavia 1500W Rotary Hammer also features a Universal SDS-Plus bit holder, making it even more versatile and accommodating for different tasks.

1500W Rotary Hammer | Maxxseries | Batavia
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