Ratchet Wrench

12V Fixxpack collection
The perfect tool for the tightening and loosening of bolts and nuts
Compact a low-profile head, ideal for hard to reach places
Variable speed trigger
3/8’’ square drive socket adapter
Part of the Fixxpack collection: one battery, all Fixxpack

The tightening and loosening of nuts and bolts becomes an easy job with the Batavia 12V ratchet wrench. It tightens and loosens nuts and bolts more efficiently than a normal socket wrench. When your battery is out of charge, you can use this electric wrench as a normal socket wrench. Thanks to the compact design and the low-profile head, you can tighten and loosen nuts and bolts in tight and hard to reach places. The 12V cordless ratchet wrench is the perfect tool for tightening and loosening bolts and nuts, for example when you are assembling furniture or working in the garage on the engine of your car. Thanks to the LED light, you can always see where you are working on, even under the hood of the car or in dimly lit environments. The ratchet wrench has a variable speed trigger, which provides extra control over the tool.

How to use a 12V cordless ratchet wrench?
The Batavia ratchet wrench is easy to use and operate. First, you have to attach a compatible socket spanner to the ratchet wrench head. The Batavia ratchet wrench is compatible with 3/8” sockets. It has an on/off trigger which you hold during operation. You can adjust the speed by pressing the trigger. The more pressure you put on the trigger, the faster the rotation speed. If you release the on/off trigger, the 12V cordless ratchet wrench will automatically stop rotating. On the head of the ratchet wrench is a reverse rotation lever. With this lever, you can adjust the direction of the rotation. This way, you can use this ratchet wrench for tightening and loosening nuts and bolts.

How does a ratchet wrench work?
A normal ratchet wrench runs on a low speed, but is still able to produce a high torque. It does not tighten or loosen nuts and bolts with speed, but with power on impact. The Batavia 12V ratchet wrench has a torque of 45 Nm.

What is an electric wrench used for?
A 12V cordless ratchet wrench is the perfect tool for you to work on your vehicle or home without putting effort in tightening and loosening bolts and nuts, without effort. It also allows you to work in tight spaces, without swinging the wrench around.

Fixxpack collection
The Batavia 12V ratchet wrench is one of the tools from the Fixxpack collection. The Fixxpack collection is the 12V battery collection of Batavia. Within this collection, you can use multiple power tools, with one battery and charger.

Technical Data:

  • Battery voltage: 12 V Li-Ion
  • No load speed: I: 0-300/min
  • Chuck: 3/8''
  • Max. torque: 45 Nm
  • Product weight without accessories: 0.68 kg
  • Product dimensions (L × W × H): 25.5 × 5.2 × 6 cm

Logistical Data:

  • Item-No.: 7064220
  • EAN: 4050255049855
  • HS code: 8467 2920
  • Dimensions unit packaging (L × W × H): 7 × 6 × 27.5 cm
  • Quantity / Export carton: 10 pcs

Delivery includes:

  • 12V Ratchet Wrench

* Battery and charger not included


  • GS
  • CE
  • EMC


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