1200W Plunge Router | Maxxseries | Batavia

Perfect for creative woodworking projects

Discover the Batavia 1200W router, your ultimate tool for creative woodworking projects. From routing grooves to shaping edges and profiles, this router excels in every task. This makes it the perfect choice for crafting sturdy dovetail joints. Ideal for custom furniture and creative endeavors, the Batavia 1200W router is your go-to solution for impeccable craftsmanship.

Adjustable Cutting Depth

Easily adjust the cutting depth of the Batavia 1200W Plunge Router for precise results. With a maximum routing depth of 55 mm and a depth stop feature, achieving accuracy is simple. Tailor the router's speed to your material, ranging from 11,000 to 30,000/min-1. Effortlessly swap milling bits with the convenient shaft locking mechanism. Experience seamless routing with Batavia's versatile features.

1200W Plunge Router | Batavia | Maxxseries
1200W Plunge Router | Batavia | Maxxseries

Vacuum Cleaner Connection

Ensure safety with the transparent guard featured in the Batavia 1200W Plunge Router, providing protection against airborne chips while in operation. Additionally, the option to connect a vacuum cleaner enhances workspace cleanliness, guaranteeing optimal visibility throughout your tasks. Invest in the Batavia 1200W Plunge Router for a secure and tidy working environment.

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