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The Batavia team is responsible for the branding and creation of the innovative and special products. Batavia can be described as a Product Creation Factory with many years of experience in development, sourcing, and B2B relationship management at multiple levels. Batavia has an effective company and group structure, offering competitiveness and attractive terms for re-sellers and end-users. The continuous process of innovation & creation with a close eye to Time-to-Market will improve your supply chain performance by offering you a constructive product and supply process.

Design and development

Testing and certification

Production and factory auditing

Artwork and content creation

Logistical and import process

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Strengthen the position of your brand and stay ahead of your competitors with your own private label. Using our know-how in global trade and category management, Batavia is well suited to be your partner for OEM and private label products and assortments. We can take over the workload of designing, testing, and producing so your business can put all focus on marketing your selected brand.

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