Battery Platforms

Advantages of Battery Platforms?

Cordless freedom

The battery tools offer freedom of movement without limitations or dangers by dragging a cable behind you, or needing a heavy, noisy and smelly petrol tool.

It's convinient

When all tools can be operated by the same battery (and charger), it is very easy to switch between tasks, knowing that you can just swap the battery from one too to the next. Additionally, using machines powered by the same battery makes it easier to pick the right tool and battery for your job and keeps your storage space organised.

Enviromental friendly

Choosing a battery platform over individual battery powered products is a huge release on the environment. It enables the battery being used to its' maximal potential and reduces the material waste.

Cost efficient

Using one battery for all your power tools does not only go easy on the environment but your wallet as well. When purchasing a new power tool the battery and charger are cost often the same as the tool body itself.
With a battery platform, you therefore save 50% after the initial purchase of your tool.

What to consider? 

When selecting the correct platform for you it is important to ask yourself how much are you going to use the tools and how much power you need for the job.

Fixxpack 12V offers compact and lightweight tools for essential tasks in and around the house.

Maxxpack 18V offers more powerful tools for serious DIY and professionals.

ULTRA series are specially developed tools for even more demanding users and professionals. They work with the same Maxxpack 18V batteries and chargers.

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