18V Maxxpack collection
Fast, easy and safe cutting and pruning
0° - 32° rotating head for optimal user experience and handling
Oil lubrication for smooth operation and extended lifetime
Safe one-hand operation thanks to the hand guard and bar cover
Optional extension pole for reaching up to 3 meters high

0° - 32°
rotating head

The saw head can be rotated between 0° – 32°, resulting in optimal user experience and handling. For pruning higher branches above your head, you use the 32° setting. When you work in front of you, sawing downwards, you use the 0° straight setting.

Oil pump

The Nexxsaw has been upgraded with a manual oil lubrication pump. This gives the saw chain, chain bar and motor less resistance, which results in a longer runtime and lifetime for both the tool and accessories.

protection cover

To ensure safety while operating the chainsaw, the Nexxsaw has a wide handgrip, a low kickback chain and a moveable protection cover.

The Batavia Nexxsaw: A compact and handy one-hand chainsaw. It is the perfect saw for cutting wood and pruning trees. Batavia was the first to introduce a one-hand chainsaw to the market, and is constantly upgrading and improving a new and better version. The third version of the Nexxsaw is upgraded with a rotating head, an oil lubrication.  Resulting in optimal user experience and handling and a longer lifetime of the tools and parts.

Conception compacte et adaptée à une utilisation sûre d'une seule main.
Manipulation et convivialité améliorées
Fonctionne sur batterie, donc pas besoin d'alimentation secteur
Taille des branches hautes grâce à la rallonge
Vitesse de coupe élevée et performance de coupe phénoménale
Sécurité garantie grâce à la protection de la poignée
Fait partie de la plateforme de batteries Maxxpack : Une batterie pour de nombreux outils
Tension de la batterie :
18 V Li-Ion
Vitesse à vide :
3200 min-1
Vitesse de la chaîne à vide :
4,7 m/s
Bar length:
7 inch (17.78 cm)
Cutting capacity:
⌀ 15 cm
Cuts per charge (2ah):
Poids brut sans accessoires :
1.6 kg
Dimensions du produit (L × L × H) :
41 x 17.8 x 11.3 cm
№ d’article :
HS Code:
8467 2210
Dimensions de l'emballage unique (L × L × H) :
42 × 16 × 20 cm
1980 pcs
4020 pcs
4380 pcs


7 inch sword (17.78 cm)
0°—32° rotating head
Oil lubrication
Moveable protection cover
Brushless Motor


6 inch sword (15.24 cm)
0°—32° rotating head
Oil lubrication
Moveable protection cover
Brushless Motor
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