Multitool with A.V.S

18V Maxxpack collection
Cordless Multitool with Anti-vibration: no shaking, so more comfortable to work with
Anti-noise: sound power at a more comfortable level
Suited for many jobs like sawing, scraping, sanding and grinding
Toolless accessory change
This Cordless Multitool has an adjustable speed setting for perfect control

The Batavia Multitool with Anti-Vibration System is a unique and special kind of Multitool. With is Multifunctional Tool, you have all the advantages of a normal Cordless Multitool, without the annoying vibration and with less noise. Within this Anti-Vibration Multitool, the motor is disconnected from the housing. This gives the Oscillating Multitool an Anti-Vibration and Anti-Noise functionality. This means no more shaking and a sound level, which is more comfortable. Besides this unique feature of the Cordless Multitool with A.V.S., it is a great tool for the cutting, sawing, sanding, and more of different materials. Because it is a multifunctional tool, which you can use for different tasks, you have to change the accessory. With the Batavia Multitool, you can change the accessory without the use of additional tools. This makes the tool very easy to use and a good addition to your power tool collection. Different materials, require different speed settings. The speed of the Batavia Cordless Multitool, can be easily adjusted to your workpiece. This way the Multitool is suitable for every cutting, sawing, or sanding job.

What can you do with a Cordless Multitool?
A Cordless Multitool is the perfect tool for cutting, sanding, sawing, scraping, and more. Be aware that each of the tasks asks for a different accessory. Some accessories are made for softer materials like wood and plastic, and other accessories are suitable for steel materials. Before you start to use a Cordless Multitool, make sure that you have the right accessory for your task.

Anti-Vibration System
This special and unique Multitool, with Anti-Vibration System, has an anti-vibration and anti-noise functionality. This new function makes an Oscillating Multitool more comfortable to work with, and makes it possible to work with for multiple hours. With a traditional Cordless Multitool, your hand is shaking all the time, while you use the Multitool. After a while, this will be an annoying experience. Therefore, this Cordless Multitool with A.V.S, is perfect for every DIY enthusiasts who use a Multitool frequently.

Maxxpack collection
The Batavia Cordless Multitool with A.V.S. is part of the Maxxpack collection. The Maxxpack collection is the powerful 18V battery platform of Batavia. Within the Maxxpack collection you can use tools like a Drill Driver, Circular Saw, and a Detail Sander, but also other innovations like the Nexxsaw, Nexxforce, and the Multitool with A.V.S.

Technical Data:

  • Battery voltage: 18v Li-Ion
  • No load speed: 5000 - 18000 /min
  • Oscillation arc range: 3.0°
  • Product weight without accessories: 1.05 kg
  • Product dimensions: 29 x 10 x 7 cm

Logistical Data:

  • Item-No.: 7064049
  • EAN: 4050255047851
  • HS code: 8467 2920
  • Dimensions unit packaging: 31 x 9.5 x 11.5 cm
  • Quantity export carton: 6
  • Quantity pallet: 240
  • 20'GP: 7200
  • 40'GP: 15000
  • 40'HC: 17500

Delivery includes:

  • CE
  • ROHS
  • PAHS


  • Cordless Multitool with A.V.E
  • Stainless scraper vlade
  • Stainless saw blade
  • Sanding pad - delta
  • 2x sanding papers
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