Mini Saw

18V Maxxpack collection
Compact and powerful one-hand Mini Plunge Saw
Suited for all kinds of materials (woods, plastics, metals, and ceramics)
Cordless so no power cords to restrain movement
The Mini Saw has a cutting line laser
With soft grip for comfortable working

The Batavia Mini Saw is a compact, light, and handy Plunge Saw, which is suited for all kinds of materials (like wood, plastic, metal, and ceramic). With this Compact Circular Saw, which is also a Plunge Saw, you can start on the edges of your material, as well as in the middle of the material. Every project requires a different cutting depth. That is why the Batavia Mini Saw has the possibility to adjust the depth. This way, you can use this Compact Circular Saw for different DIY jobs.

What is a Mini Saw used for?
The Batavia Mini Saw is the perfect tool for small projects, hard to reach places, and confined spaced. It is ideal for cutting different materials, like wood, plastic, metal, and ceramics.

Mini Plunge Saw versus Circular Saw
A Mini Plunge Saw and a Circular Saw are both meant for cutting wood. So you might think: What is the difference? Well, there might be more differences than you think. A normal Circular Saw, like the Batavia Circular Saw, is perfect for making crosscuts and ripping through wooden boards. However, these Circular Saws have some disadvantages. With a normal Circular Saw, you always have to start at the edge of the material, and the result you get will not be as smooth as you hoped for. On the other hand, you have the Mini Plunge Saw. With a Mini Plunge Saw, you can start in the middle of the material. This gives you more flexibility and provides you the opportunity to make different cuts in your workpiece. With the use of a Mini Plunge Saw, you also get a better and smoother result.

Maxxpack collection
The Maxxpack collection is the powerful 18V battery platform of Batavia. Within this battery platform, you can use a great range of power tools, with one battery and charger. The Batavia 18V Mini Saw is part of this collection.

Technical Data:

  • Battery voltage: 18V Li-Ion
  • No load speed: 3150 rpm
  • Max. cutting depth wood: 28.5 mm
  • Max. cutting depth aluminum: 3 mm
  • Max. cutting depth tile: 8 mm
  • Diameter of cutting blade: 89 mm
  • Laser device: Yes
  • Product weight: 1.72 kg

Logistical Data:

  • Item-No.: 7064048
  • EAN: 4050255047844
  • HS code: 8467 2230
  • Dimensions unit packaging: 41 x 16.3 x 12
  • Gross weight unit packaging: 3 kg
  • Quantity / export carton: 4
  • Gross weight export carton: 12 kg
  • 20'GP: 2500
  • 40'GP: 5000
  • 40'HC: 5800

Delivery includes:

  • 18V Mini Saw
  • Track
  • Clamp
  • Hex wrench
  • Guide ruler
  • Vacuum adapter
  • Hss blade
  • Tct blade
  • Diamond blade

*Battery and charger are not included


  • GS
  • CE
  • EMC
  • ROHS
  • PAHS


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