Maxxbrush 1020W

Electric multi-brush 26cm
Powerful machine with a wide brush for around the house
For cleaning stone, wood, patios, pavement, tiles, decking, etc.
For lifting and combing artificial grass when flattened
2-part telescopic handle for compact storage
Including green nylon spiral brush

Cleaning and maintaining terraces, paving (tiles, natural stone, etc.) and various wood surfaces has never been easier. It is an ideal machine for bringing artificial grass back to life so it looks like new. It does this by brushing the grass into its original upright position. Working with the Maxxbrush is fast yet comfortable and guarantees grerat results. The long telescopic handle offers a good working posture so you won’t get any back pains. Due the weight of the Maxxbrush already pressing on the ground, you need little additional pressure to get a great result.For the best results, use the specially designed optional brushes, as some
surfaces require slightly different treatment.

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