Ash Vacuum Cleaner

18V Maxxpack Collection
With the Ash Vacuum Cleaner you can clean your fireplace safe and healthy
It has a stainless steel tank and fire-resistant hose
A great accessory for your fireplace, wood burning stove, or barbecue
The Ash Vacuum Cleaner removes the ash debris in no-time
You can use this tool everywhere, indoor and outdoor

Ash dust and ash debris can be very hard to remove from fireplaces, fire pits, log burners, wood burning stoves, and pellet stoves. Moreover, cleaning up ash debris can be very unhealthy, when you do not do it properly. The Batavia Ash Vacuum Cleaner provides you a safe cleanup of the fire ashes. This Ash Vacuum cleaner is especially designed for the quick cleanup of ash debris, while minimizing the health risks.

Sometimes you clean up the ash debris from your fireplace, fire pit, barbecue or wood burning stove, while it is still warm. That is why the Ash Vacuum Cleaner from Batavia has a 12 liter stainless steel tank and fire-resistant hose. This way, this tool can withstand some exposure of the warm remnants.

A great accessory
The Batavia Ash Vacuum Cleaner is a great accessory to your  fireplace, fire pit, log burner, wood burning stove, charcoal barbecue and pellet stove. With this accessory, you can clean up the ash debris in a safe and healthy way, without getting the ash dust in the air or your carpet.

You can use this 18 volt Ash Vacuum Cleaner for removing the ash debris from a great variety of places. You can use this tool for the safe removal of the ash debris from your indoor fireplace, wood stove, wood burner, and log burner. Besides that, you could use this Ash Vacuum Cleaner outdoor for cleaning up your fire pit, pellet stove, and charcoal barbecue. Moreover, you could even use this tool for cleaning up your traditional pizza oven.

Maxxpack Collection
The Batavia Ash Vacuum Cleaner is part of the Maxxpack Collection. The Maxxpack Collection is the 18 volt battery platform from Batavia. To power up your power tools from the Maxxpack collection you could use choose between a 2.0Ah, 4.0Ah, 5.0Ah battery. The batteries you can charge with the 2.4A charger, 4.0A fast charger, dual charger or car charger.

Technical Data:

  • Battery voltage: 18 V Li-Ion
  • Rated power motor: 140 W
  • Rated power air: 30 W
  • Max. airflow: 11 l/s
  • Vacuum: ≥ 9 kPa
  • Tank size: 12 l
  • Hose length: 100 cm
  • Product weight without battery: 2.4 kg
  • Product dimensions (L × W × H): 24 × 24 × 34 cm

Logistical Data:

  • Item-No.: 7063509
  • EAN: 4050255041446
  • HS code: 8508 1100
  • Dimensions unit packaging(L × W × H): 29 × 29 × 37 cm
  • Gross weight unit packaging: 2.98 kg
  • Quantity / Export carton: 1 pcs
  • Quantity / Pallet: 45 pcs
  • 20'GP: 918 pcs
  • 40'GP: 1948 pcs
  • 40'HC: 2078 pcs

Delivery includes:

  • Ash vacuum cleaner
  • 1 m fire resistant hose
  • 23 cm aluminium tube
  • Filter with metal mesh
  • Aluminium flat nozzle

* Battery and charger not included


  • CE
  • EMC
  • PAHs
  • RoHS
  • GS
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