Angle Grinder

18V Maxxpack collection
The Batavia Angle Grinder is suitable for grinding and cutting
Thanks to the slim handgrip, you have a secure hold, and it provides extra safety
Toolless safety guard
Spindle lock for easy blade change
The Angle Grinder has a side handle, which you can mount in 3 different positions

With the Batavia Cordless Angle Grinder you can cut and grind different materials fast, precise, and safe. To provide the safety of this DIY Angle Grinder, the tool has a slim handgrip and a side handle. This side handle can be mounted in 3 different positions. This gives you maximum control over the Angle Grinder. The Batavia Angle Grinder has a Spindle Lock function, by which you can easily change the blade.

Where is a Cordless Angle Grinder used for?
The Batavia Angle Grinder is designed for grinding masonry and steel materials. When you want to use this DIY Angle Grinder for cutting, you need to add a special protection guard. This special protection guard, allows you to cut different materials safe.

How to use an Angle Grinder?
Before you use an Angle Grinder, you have to install the grinding disc. This disc must at least have a rated speed that is equal or higher than the maximum speed of the Angle Grinder. This maximum speed is marked on the Cordless Angle Grinder. If the rated speed is less than the maximum speed of the tool, the disc might break and fly apart. The Batavia Cordless Angle Grinder has a Spindle Lock function. Thanks to this function, installing and changing a disc is easy. Make sure that you follow the manual, while you install the disc. Next, you install the side handle. You can place this side handle in 3 positions. When the grinding disc a side handle are installed, you have to check if the protective cover is aligned in such a way that you are protected from sparks and flying debris. This way, you make sure that you will not be hit by flying debris, while using the Angle Grinder. When the disc is placed and the protective cover is checked, you can start grinding. To start the DIY Angle Grinder, you press the safety switch first and press the on/off switch after. Now the disc starts to rotate. Before you start grinding, make sure that the disc is spinning at the right speed. This way you get a better result. Also be aware of your surroundings. You have to make sure that the sparks and debris does not fly towards yourself or anybody else.

Safety tips
An Angle Grinder is a powerful tool, which can be loud and can shoot debris around. To make sure you are using the Angle Grinder safely, you can follow these tips.

– To protect yourself from hearing damage, you can protect hearing protection.
– To protect your eyes, you can wear safety glasses.
– You can protect your nose and mouth by wearing a face mask. This way you prevent dust from entering your lungs.
– Make sure that the sparks and debris fly away from your body
– Watch your surroundings. Make sure nobody else is standing near your grinding area.
– Only place the Angle Grinder down, when it stops spinning. Otherwise, you will damage the surface you put the Cordless Angle Grinder on.

Maxxpack collection
This DIY Angle Grinder is part of the 18V battery platform Maxxpack. Within the Maxxpack collection, you can use more than 30 different power tools, with only one battery and charger. These power tools can be powered with a 2.0Ah, 4.0Ah, or a 5.0Ah battery.

Technical Data:

  • Battery voltage: 18 V Li-Ion
  • No load speed: 8000 min-1
  • Grinding disc diameter: Ø 115
  • Drive shaft thread: M14
  • Product weight without accessories: 1.65 kg
  • Product dimensions (L × W × H): 32 × 12 × 11.5 cm

Logistical Data:

  • Item-No.: 7062512
  • EAN: 4050255030303
  • HS code: 8467 2951
  • Dimensions unit packaging (L × W × H): 36.5 × 12.5 × 12.5 cm
  • Gross weight unit packaging: 1.85 kg
  • Quantity / Export carton: 4 pcs
  • Dimensions export carton  (L × W × H): 38 × 26.5 × 27 cm
  • Gross weight export carton: 8 kg
  • Quantity / Pallet: 216 pcs
  • 20'GP: 3796 pcs
  • 40'GP: 8392 pcs
  • 40'HC: 8392 pcs

Delivery includes:

  • Angle grinder
  • Side handle
  • Spanner

* Battery and charger not included


  • CE
  • RoHS
  • PAHS


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