2.0 Ah Battery

18V Maxxpack collection
A long-lasting 2.0 Ah battery for all your garden and power tools
No self-discharge or memory effect
Including a charge level indicator
A universal battery, which fits with all Maxxpack chargers
Powers up your 18 volt cordless power tools

With the Batavia 2.0 Ah battery, you can use all the garden and power tools within the Maxxpack collection. The design is compact and light weighted, which prevents that your power tool becomes too heavy. This 2.0 Ah battery also has no self-discharge or memory effect. This way, it has a longer lasting battery life.

The Maxxpack collection
The Maxxpack collection is a battery platform, by which you can use more than 30 different power tools with only one battery and charger. This battery platform is ideal for every DIY enthusiast who uses different power tools in and around the house.

Technical Data:

  • Battery voltage: 18 V Li-Ion, 2.0 Ah
  • Product weight: 0.37 kg
  • Product dimensions (L × W × H): 12 × 8 × 5 cm

Logistical Data:

  • Item-No.: 7063905
  • EAN: 4050255046588
  • HS code: 8507 8000 900
  • Dimensions unit packaging (L × W × H): 12.5 × 8.5 × 5.9 cm
  • Quantity / Export carton: 20 pcs
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