400W Weed Sweeper

The Weed Sweeper is ideal for removing weeds, dirt, and moss from joints in an eco-friendly manner
No more discomfort from bending over to pull weeds
The electric Weed Sweeper comes with two brushes and anti-spatter protection around the brush
Nylon weed brush: perfect for small weeds and delicate surfaces
Metal weed brush: perfect for stubborn weed and robust surfaces

Say goodbye to spending hours on your knees, while using a crack weeder or harmful chemicals for cleaning the joints of your terrace, path, and driveway! The Batavia 400W Weed Sweeper is the perfect tool to make this job look easy. Thanks to its telescopic pole, it can be used by anyone in a comfortable and ergonomically position. The Weed Sweeper comes with two brushes. A nylon brush for small weeds and delicate surfaces and a metal brush for stubborn weeds and robust surfaces. The guide wheel and splash guard will also ensure stability and safety while using the tool. The second handle grip provides extra comfort.

What is an Electric Weed Sweeper?

The Batavia electric Weed Sweeper is designed for removing weeds, moss, and dirt from the joint of your terrace, path, or driveway and between slabs blocks, along path edges and other external surfaces. A Weed Sweeper has a round weed brush that turns around really fast. It basically sweeps the weed out of the joint. Besides a corded weed sweeper, you can also choose for a Cordless Weed Sweeper. This offers you that extra bit of flexibility.

What is an Electric Weed Sweeper used for?

A Weed Sweeper is the perfect tool for creating a neat terrace, path, or driveway. This special grout cleaner is designed to remove weed from joints, while working in a comfortable position. Just like chemicals and weed burners, it removes the weed, but without the harmful chemicals and flames. This makes an Electric Weed Sweeper the perfect choice for preserving all plants and animals in your garden, while also creating a neat and clean result.

What are the advantages of machine powered weeders?

The greatest advantage of an Electric Weed Sweeper is that it saves you a lot of manual work. With a long and telescopic pole – perfect for every persons’ height – you do not have to bend over to remove weeds from joints nor do you have to spend hours on your knees to make your terrace, path or driveway weed-free.

Of course, there are other methods to remove weeds, but these methods have a negative effect on the environment most of the time. Like chemicals killing other plants and animals besides the weeds, and flames destroying everything that makes your garden beautiful. A Weed Sweeper is therefore a comfortable and an eco-friendly solution to get rid of your weeds, moss, and dirt from in between your tiles!

Technical Data:

  • Voltage: 220 - 240V
  • Input Power: 400W
  • No load speed: 1800/min
  • Length cable: 0.4m
  • Product weight: 2.23 kg
  • Product dimensions (L x W x H): 95 - 122.5 x 29 x 17 cm

Logistical Data:

  • Item-No.: 7064490
  • EAN: 4050255044484
  • HS code: 8467 2920
  • Dimensions unit packaging (L x W x H): 22 x 10.3 x 95 cm
  • Gross weight unit packaging: 2.92 kg
  • Quantity export carton: 6
  • Gross weight export carton: 18.7 kg
  • 20'GP: 1260
  • 40'GP: 2520
  • 40'HC: 2880

Delivery includes:

  • 1x 400W Weed Sweeper
  • 1x Auxiliary handle
  • 1x Brush protective cover
  • 1x Wheel
  • 1x Metal weed brush
  • 1x Nylon weed brush


  • CE
  • EMC
  • PAHs
  • RoHS


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