Reciprocating Saw

12V Fixxpack collection
An all-round saw for cutting wood, plastic, and metal
Light weighted and compact design
Quick and easy toolless saw blade exchange
Variable stroke rate
With an additional branch clamping jaw

With the Batavia 12V reciprocating saw you can saw wood, plastic, metal, pipes, and much more. The reciprocating saw has an additional branch clamping jaw. This way, the 12V reciprocating saw is perfect for clamping and cutting branches. This makes this reciprocating saw the perfect all-round tool for all DIY sawing jobs inside and outside. It is a compact and light weighted tool, which lies comfortably in your hand. Because you can use the 12V reciprocating saw for a lot of different jobs, it is necessary that you can change the saw blade easily. To change the saw blade of the Batavia reciprocating saw, you do not need any additional tools. This way you can change the saw blade easily. This tool also has a variable stroke rate, which makes it the perfect tool for every situation. The 12V cordless reciprocating saw is part of the Fixxpack collection. Within the Fixxpack collection you can use different power tools, with only one battery and charger.

Fixxpack collection
The Fixxpack collection is the new 12V powertool collection of Batavia. Within this 12V battery platform you can use multiple powertools with only one battery and charger.

Available: June 2022

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