12V Fixxpack collection
The perfect tool for polishing and sanding on smaller surfaces
Including a second handle for more control over the tool
Changing between polishing and sanding is easy and fast, thanks to the Velcro strap connection
Variable speed between 0-7800 rpm
Including 2 pads for polishing and sanding

The Batavia 12V polisher/sander is a compact and light weighted tool, which is ideal for different polishing and sanding jobs on smaller surfaces, for example removing old layers of paint and polishing car parts. The polisher/sander can be operated with one hand, but for more control over the tool, you can add a second handle. With the use of this second handle, you get a better result. Because this tool is suitable for polishing and sanding, you have to change the polishing or sanding pad once in a while. The pads of the Batavia polisher/sander can be easily changed, thanks to the Velcro strap connection. To get started right away, this tool includes a polishing and sanding pad. Even changing the polishing plate is easy, thanks to the spindle lock. The 12V cordless polisher/sander is part of the Fixxpack collection. Within the Fixxpack collection, you can use different power tools, with only one battery and charger.

Fixxpack collection
The Fixxpack collection is the new 12V powertool collection of Batavia. Within this 12V battery platform you can use multiple powertools with only one battery and charger.

Available: June 2022

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