Combi Drill

12V Fixxpack collection
Lightweight and compact design
Impact function for drilling in stone and masonry
Two gears: ideal for drilling in soft and hard materials
Adjustable torque: ideal for the most common driving jobs
Part of the Fixxpack collection: one battery, all Fixxpack

The Batavia 12V cordless combi drill is a compact and light weighted tool, which is ideal for the average drilling, driving, or impact drilling job. Even when you have to work in tight spaces or above your head, this combi drill might be just the tool you need. The 12V combi drill has three different functions: drilling, driving, and impact drilling. When you use the driving function, you can adjust the torque to suit your job perfectly. When you use this tool for drilling and impact drilling, you can change the speed, thanks to the two gears. The impact drill function is ideal for drilling in stone and masonry. The 12V combi drill also has a LED work light, so you can always see where you are drilling or driving and get the perfect result. The 12V cordless combi drill is part of the Fixxpack collection. Within the Fixxpack collection you can use different power tools, with only one battery and charger.

Fixxpack collection
The Fixxpack collection is the new 12V powertool collection of Batavia. Within this 12V battery platform you can use multiple powertools with only one battery and charger.

Available: June 2022

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