18V Maxxpack collection
Fast, easy and safe cutting and pruning
0° - 32° rotating head for optimal user experience and handling
Oil lubrication for smooth operation and extended lifetime
Safe one-hand operation thanks to the hand guard and bar cover
Optional extension pole for reaching up to 3 meters high

0° - 32°
rotating head

The saw head can be rotated between 0° – 32°, resulting in optimal user experience and handling. For pruning higher branches above your head, you use the 32° setting. When you work in front of you, sawing downwards, you use the 0° straight setting.

Oil pump

The Nexxsaw has been upgraded with a manual oil lubrication pump. This gives the saw chain, chain bar and motor less resistance, which results in a longer runtime and lifetime for both the tool and accessories.

protection cover

To ensure safety while operating the chainsaw, the Nexxsaw has a wide handgrip, a low kickback chain and a moveable protection cover.

The Batavia Nexxsaw: A compact and handy one-hand chainsaw. It is the perfect saw for cutting wood and pruning trees. Batavia was the first to introduce a one-hand chainsaw to the market, and is constantly upgrading and improving a new and better version. The third version of the Nexxsaw is upgraded with a rotating head, an oil lubrication.  Resulting in optimal user experience and handling and a longer lifetime of the tools and parts.

Can be operated with one hand
Improved handling and user-friendliness
Battery operated, so no mains power required
Prunes high branches thanks to the extension pole
High cutting speed and phenomenal cutting performance
Safety guaranteed thanks to the handle cover
Part of the Maxxpack battery platform: 1 battery for many tools
Battery voltage:
18 V Li-Ion
No load speed:
3000 min-1
Chain speed:
4,5 m/s
Bar length:
6 inch (15.24 cm)
Cutting capacity:
⌀ 12 cm
Cuts per charge (2ah):
Product weight without accessories:
1.5 kg
Product dimensions (L × W × H):
39 x 17.8 x 11.3 cm
HS Code:
8467 2210
Dimensions unit packaging(L × W × H):
41 × 15 × 19 cm
Gross weight unit packaging:
2.27 kg
Quantity / Export carton:
4 pcs
Dimensions export carton (L × W × H):
63 × 42 × 20.5 cm
Gross weight export carton:
9.8 kg
1980 pcs
4032 pcs
4824 pcs

18V Nexxsaw ULTRA

7 inch sword (17.78 cm)
0°—32° rotating head
Oil lubrication
Moveable protection cover
Brushless Motor
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18V Nexxsaw

6 inch sword (15.24 cm)
0°—32° rotating head
Oil lubrication
Moveable protection cover
Brushless Motor
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