Sensor Wall light and automatic gel dispenser 500ml
A sensor controlled dispenser for hand gel and soap
A soft light for inside and outside
A reminder for visitors to disinfect their hands
Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
Secured wall lock

Visiting locations require attention to hygienic behavior for the community. The problem with current solutions is that the dispensers do not stand out well, especially in darker environments. The new G-Light offers a great solution. The G-Light is a unique combination that combines the advantages of a sensor wall light with the advantages of an automatic 500 milliliter dispenser.

When someone comes close to the G-Light, the lighting switches on at full strength. As a result, the G-Light attracts the visitor’s attention and invites people to disinfect their hands. During the daytime, the G-Light’s lights turn off after 20 seconds of not detecting movement. When it is dark or when the G-Light is hanging in a less well-lit area, the G-Light does not turn off completely, but dims its light after 20 seconds. This also allows the G-Light to be used as a sensor-controlled wall light, providing a soft and warm light in the dark.

Another great advantage of the G-Light, is that it can be fully personalized to your company logo and company colors. This makes your company logo light up in the dark and the G-Light always fits in with your company. The G-Light can be hung securely on the wall, thanks to its secure wall mount and anti-theft mechanism.

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Technical Data:

  • LED light - COB
  • 180° movement sensor
  • The light dims automatically after 20 seconds
  • The G-Light only gives light when it is dark
  • Automatic soap or hand gel dispenser
  • Works on 4 AA batteries
  • The G-Light can also be used via a fixed power supply, thanks to the USB adapter
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