12V Basis-Ladegerät

12V Fixxpack Kollektion
Lädt einen 2Ah Akku in 400 Minuten
Mit LED-Ladeanzeige
1,5 m Kabellänge
Passend für alle Fixxpack-Akkus
Universeller Einsatz innerhalb der Fixxpack-Kollektion

With the Batavia 12V basic charger, you can charge your Fixxpack 12V 2.0Ah battery. The Fixxpack collection is the 12V power tool collection of Batavia, for indoor and outdoor tasks. This universal power tool battery charger has a red and a green light. When the green light is on, your battery is completely charged. If the red light is on, it is not completely charged yet.

Fixxpack collection
The 12V 0.4 A basic charger is part of the Fixxpack collection. With this charger, you can charge the 2.0Ah Fixxpack battery. Within the Fixxpack collection, you can use multiple power tools, with only one battery and charger.

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