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Safety Feature

With a Batavia ladders you are assured of a safe and approved product, which meets all recent European requirements according to EN-131 and has TÜV certification.The ladders are certified for domestic and professional use.

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The test procedure developed by TÜV SÜD is based on the EN 131 European standard. Parts 1 to 7 of the standard include requirements for terms, types, functional sizes, testing, marking, and user instructions as well as requirements for single or multiple-hinge joint ladders, telescopic ladders, and mobile ladders with platforms. The standard refers to portable ladders, not steps, and to ladders, for special professional use, including fire ladders, roof ladders and trailer ladders.

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The European Standard EN131 is a Europe wide classification and it replaced the old British Class II Ladder Standard. Within the UK this classification is known as BS EN131. Ladders of this type are most suitable for commercial light trade work and heavy duty DIY use.

2 Years Warranty
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